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My name is Liz, I’m a 32 year old flight attendant from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

On October, 28th, 2014 I was diagnosed at a nearby emergency room with Mastocytosis.

After seeing a dermatologist and having a skin biopsy, the diagnosis was confirmed.

Because I was presenting with systemic symptoms, I was referred to a hematologist for a bone marrow biopsy and aspiration.

With those results, along with genetic testing, I was officially diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis with CKit as well as Eosinophilia (chronic leukemia).

This page is a place for me to blog, and share information and resources. In doing so, I hope to accomplish what is most important to me, which is spread awareness and generate fundraising and research.

The more we share our stories, and how we were diagnosed, the more people will hopefully get the answers and treatment they’ve been waiting for. And together we can fight for a cure.

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