Back at ‘Er

Welp… Tomorrow morning I see my new Dr for the 2nd time. Still at Tom Baker Cancer Centre, but down the hall from old Dr.

I will be updating to fill in the blanks up to now about the Dr switch and what I’ve been up to etc, but wanted to get going with the now too.

I’m scared/nervous/excited, because this will be our first visit where he’s had a chance to really look at my history and follow me for a bit, and therefore make HIS decision on where Im at and on how to move forward with treatment.

I’m pretty sure it will involve going back to chemo as early as next week, but we shall see tomorrow.

I like not having the apprehension I used to have before appointments about reminding myself to hold my ground and be firm with my Dr.

For some reason I had/have a horrible complex and just found it very hard not to make my care as easy on her as possible, instead of being truthful about how I feel and where Im at, and demanding the appropriate care and treatment.

It’s something my counsellor and I worked tirelessly at! But in the end, I just needed to give us a break from each other and ultimately get a second opinion, as one is almost foolish not to when seeking the best options for a rare disease.

So that’s led me to tomorrow’s appointment…. Fingers crossed!

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