Radioactive Eggs

Ah, another wonderful symptom of mastocytosis and ehlers danlos. Gastroparesis and bad motility in general.

For those with particularly bad problems in this area, they usually end up going for this ever so appetizing test. The gastric emptying study.

You are timed as you eat eggs with a touch of radioactive dye mixed in. Sometimes they allow you to eat toast along with it. Then they take you to scanner that takes a picture of the food in your stomach, illuminated by the dye. After the quick picture is taken, you are cut loose for an hour and then come back for another picture to see if the food is moving/digesting.

This is repeated a 3rd and sometimes 4th time.

If a certain amount is remaining in your stomach after the 4 th picture/hour, you are confirmed as having gastroparesis. Metoclopromide, domperidonpantoprozole, and nexium are some medications used to treat this. In severe cases a feeding tube may be necessary.



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