Robot for a day

Anyone that’s had to wear a portable heart monitor knows how awkward and cumbersome a cluster of wires and a monitor in varying versions of a fanny pack can be. Not to mention the masto reaction to adhesive goo and tape.  At the end of my cardio ultra sound, the tech showed me a recording of a leaky valve. A common find for us and no biggie usually, but really? Can I have anything that works properly? The answer is no. That’s masto, eds, and pots for you. It’s everything and it sucks. Another reason to spread awareness. And for now I’ll just embrace being a robot for a day!

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  1. There is a protective cream they can give you to protect from adhesive. Also there are non-latex patches available. They don’t stick as well, but if you’re careful, (you can put paper tape over) they are so much better. I have to wear monitor for 30 days a time; first time I got blisters that left scars I still have! The fanny pack is so uncomfortable 24/7, too tight or too loose! Done whining, hope this helps you……


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