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  1. oh I just stumbled on this site, thankfully, after searching for photos of those with flushed faces but not as ‘red’ as my ex neighbour who has/d Rosascia, started reading and may be what I have… but am a Senior and this started 6 months ago and is now on and off daily/nightly but ‘problem’ is my face can be burning as if on fire but not always flushed; I am very pale as been inside house most of last 3 yrs so when my face is burning AND on the dark pink shade, that’s flushing to me.. i took some selfies but of course from ipad to printer on paper or glossy photo paper, to desktop, to nurse practitioner the colour is lighter/darker .. anyway this is just a new beginning for me because with other issues including ibs d for years, history of cancer long time ago, and other issues, they think i am a hypochondriac!


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