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mastocytosis musings

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Mastocytosis is not a well known disease.

Not yet.

In the future that will be different. It will be different because Mastocytosis is not as rare as they think it is.

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A systemic cell disease causes almost every kind of symptom you can think of.

That creates tremendous difficulty in getting a true diagnosis.

The symptoms are identified and treated as individual ailments as opposed to the one big, deceptive disease it truly is.

The current tests used to rule mast cell diseases out, are not conclusive.

The only definitive way to rule it out is with a skin and/or bone marrow biopsy.

I personally believe misdiagnosed mastocytosis in adults, can and does lead to different forms of acute leukemia and malignant tumors.

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Excellent explanation of systemic mastocytosis.

Joshua Milner, M.D.,  provides an excellent, easy to understand explanation of systemic mastocytosis or mast cell disease.

Video is a bit wobbly but it’s the audio that counts.

Diagnosis and treatment of systemic mastocytosis.

Pierre Noel, M.D., hematologist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, discusses the diagnosis and treatment of systemic mastocytosis or mast cell disease.

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