You Look Tired

One day I was walking into the grocery store, and a father and his young son were walking past. The father looked at me, then I heard him say, ” I feel like I just saw a ghost!”

Oh I’m sorry my pale skin frightened you (Even though he was white too). Guess your son is going to grow up thinking white skin is unhealthy and unattractive.

And become another one of those shallow douchebags that prefer his woman is tanned.

It’s super annoying but I don’t think anything is as annoying as “You look tired.” That’s one I hear on almost a daily basis and almost always from a stranger.

After getting a great sleep and spending an hour and a half on my hair and make up, only to walk into a convenience store and have the cashier say “you look so tired, how come?”

Because you’re rude and ignorant, that’s how come.

Maybe next time I’ll tell him my rare genetic blood cancer often wakes me in the middle of the night with explosive diarrhea. Maybe he’ll be less inclined to pry next time.

If you see someone who looks sleep deprived and/or like they’re feeling under the weather, you don’t need to point it out to them. They’re likely acutely aware of those facts already.

If your’e going to say anything at all, how about something uplifting and kind.

A “how you doing today?” would even make a lot more sense. Then they can tell you what’s wrong if they need to vent or just say they’re fine, but feel good that someone cared to ask.

Just…don’t tell woman they look tired. Ever.

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