Masto Mess No More!

I was sick of seeing sick everywhere I turned in my kitchen, the epicentre -omg no pun intended!! Hahah!!-of all my medications and medical devices…  

 Now it’s nice and neat in the corner and out of sight. Where it belongs. No longer a drag of a reminder every where I turn. Infact almost a fun place now.


   Found this storage container at Walmart. Top holds pill case, thermometer (yes it’s a child’s-gotta make this sh*t more fun somehow), Benadryl, Epi Pen. 

Puffers in the top compartment with lid. Rescue meds in 1st drawer, Masks in 2nd, extra pill cases, 1st aid stuff etc in 3rd. Oh and a new addition to mastocytosis musings… A GoPro! 🙂

Vitals/Symtpom log book, BP machine, Oximeter, air chamber. Awe yeah!! I could practically open a clinic right here..Having control cuts down on emerg trips 🙂 

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