You’re Too Young to Have a Back Like That

“You’re too young to have a back like that.” If I had $10 for every time someone said that to me, I would probably have enough money for a new robot back. This is at the forefront of my mind this morning, as every time I do something, my spine shifts in places and ways that spines aren’t meant to. It takes my breath away, and sometimes it’s a good while before I can move at all and then it’s very slowly until I can regain motion.

It always gets considerably worse before my period. I woke up today completely soaked in sweat, hardly able to get out of bed, everything is so painful and inflamed. Standing up sends a shot of pain through my spine and walking to the bathroom to dry off with a towel, sounds like I’m walking over a pile of dry, dead branches. “Snap!..snap!snap!” My hips pop, crack and slide around, my knees and feet snap at least every few steps, my legs throbbing like a 13 yr old in a growth spurt. Feel nauseous and dizzy. Yep. Period must be soon. I go to the kitchen to take morning meds and to check my planner. Oh yes, it’s due in 3 days actually. That explains it!

Now everything I’ve been planning to do today, get’s put aside. I went for a half hour walk, thinking maybe if I just limber up and walk it off. Nope. After I got home, every thing I did would start an excruciating spasm and shift in at least one part of my spine. Now I’m on the couch with a heating pad blogging about it watching Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, and waiting for my meds to kick in. Then hopefully I can still fulfill the plans of  house cleaning and hair doing I had for today so I’m ready, knowing I’m only going to get worse as the week goes. Ah the delicate art of rationing your “spoons” for the day 🙂


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